Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Harry Krishna (Jim)

Harry Krishna

Used to be
My life was filled with me
and me, me, me.

I had this little ego prob
you see.

But now I never fumble
at being humble
and I'm so proud
I could should aloud.

–Jim Keller
1983 (or thereabouts)
Draft © 2005 J. Keller All Rights Reserved.

In some perverse way I miss those
guys in the airports........

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Susan said...


Your poem makes me think of a time when my husband and I visited Provincetown for the first time.

Every street was filled with doo dads and junk to buy, lots of people, like walking around in NYC. My husband said, "All we need now is the Hari Krishnas." And sure enough, right around the next corner, there they were, beating their tamborines.